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          The current COVID 19 pandemic has turned the world upside down. The less you go outside, the less you'll expose yourself to potential pathogens. The more you stay at home, the safer you may be from such dangers. With the MetamoRPh app, you can still get a lot of studying done at the safety of your own home. The MetamoRPh app lets you choose from a wide range of review modules and subjects. This, in turn, gives you the flexibility to choose the specific subject you want to review. And it even gives you the freedom to customize your quizzes!

          The MetamoRPh app also delivers the benefit of flexible learning schedules. It gives you full control over when you want to study. You don't even have to get up from bed if you wanted to start studying first thing in the morning! In addition, you can access the MetamoRPh app wherever you may be--in your own room, by the beach, or even in a cab so long as you have Internet service. So you can save yourself from the stress and costs of commuting. You may also consider keeping and saving even just a portion of your money on lodging because this innovative e-learning platform places your review materials right at your fingertips.

          So, ready to get on board the e-learning platform to help raise your chances of acing the boards? Then be sure to check out and compare the various the MetamoRPh app Programs on the left panel.


          Did you know that studies show that the average attention span of a student is roughly around 10-15 minutes, and it drops even more on virtual live classes? The MetamoRPh app video lectures combine good animation, crystal clear discussion and innovative methods to help you retain more information. The app takes away the boredom and inefficiencies of live online learning because for an average student, more than 55% of the lecture is usually lost after 1 hour. The ability to pause, rewind and play again, combined with printable and interactive handouts, enhances the learning process.

          But of course, if you want to see our beautiful and handsome faces, we are also conducting MetamoRPh Live Streams—an online classroom to answer the questions that you raised while watching our video lectures!

          This 1-2 punch, based on studies on e-learning, will definitely help you reach your goal of becoming a well-rounded Pharmacist!

          In addition to the video lectures, the app lets you customize your quizzes, read rationale directly lifted from reference books, monitor your progress, join a level-up game and attend digital mock board exams!

          Yes, you read it right! The MetamoRPh app is the FIRST and the most comprehensive, most flexible and the trendiest app for the Pharmacist Licensure Examinations!

          Join us. Together, we’ll fly high!