Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

MetamoRPh Review Specialist, Inc


Thank you for signing with MetamoRPh Review Specialist, Inc!


Please read these Terms and Conditions set forth by MetamoRPh Review Specialist, Inc carefully before completing a transaction and using the www.metamorphreview.com website.


Section 1: General Guidelines

1. MetamoRPh Review Specialists, Inc shall deliver its services to Local and Foreign Pharmacy Board Examinations Reviewees.

2. Any of the services or programs you employ, either online or onsite, will be subjected to:

a. these Terms and Conditions, which are posted on our website and written on our forms, and which you are deemed to accept when acquiring a subscription for our online application and enrolling with our onsite reviews.

b. any additional Terms and Conditions on our website which apply specifically to that service;

c. any rights you may have as a consumer which are modified and limited by these Terms and Conditions only to the extent permitted by law.


3. By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, the subscriber/enrollee hereby certify that all the information provided for during the registration are correct. In addition, the subscriber/enrollee subjects himself/herself to the benefits, privileges, and responsibilities inherent upon these terms.


If you disagree with any part of the Terms and Conditions then you may choose not to access both the online and onsite services.


Section 2: Modification on the Programs or Services

1. MetamoRPh Review Specialist, Inc reserves the right to modify, when the need arises, the conduct of a program or service, including the schedules, set of lecturersand facilities with the intention of providing better services.


2. MetamoRPh Review Specialist, Inc may change the prices of the services or and update the these terms and conditions on our website, forms, and other platforms from time to time. The changes are final and executory. 

Section 3: Online Transactions

1. Location and Price: MetamoRPh Review Specialist, Inc is a Philippine-based company but we have services that cater to aspiring pharmacists locally and across the globe. The prices of our products and services are listed on our website and social media platforms. They are listed in Philippine Peso (Php).


2. Payment Services: When payments for any product or service is required, MetamoRPh Review Specialist, Inc uses Direct Bank Transfer, Bank Deposit, and Gcash transactions.


3. Data Storage: Our website, mobile application, and web application store the personal data gathered upon enrollment. However, the banks that will transact the payments will never store credit/debit card information, card validation code, or PIN block data. Storage of such data is prohibited by the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry, Data Security Standard).


4. Security: Our website, mobile application, and web application use up-to-date and reliable technologies and procedures to help protect personal information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.


Section 4: Subscriptions:

When employing our services, especially for Online Reviews, the subscriber must pay for the services in full, without set-off or deduction of any kind. For Premium 2 subscribers for the April 2021 board exams, in cases of postponement/cancellation of the board exams, the subscription is extended up to the next one. However, we will require a digital copy of the Notice of Admission with the following details: Name of the examinee, place of examination, date of examination. Only those who filed for the April 2021 boards will be allowed to extend their subscription. 


Cancellation: Even though MetamoRPh Review Specialist, Inc has verified or the subscriber had already logged in to his/her account, we may cancel your subscription once any suspicious activity is detected. Suspicious activities may include but are not limited to:

A. Sharing of credentials (username and password) with other individuals, even if the third-party is another legitimate subscriber;

B. Unauthorized downloading of videos, notes, and lectures;

C. Unauthorized videotaping or photographing of any part of the web or mobile application;

D. Unauthorized sharing of videos, lectures, or notes outside the web application.

E. Presenting a false document (e.g., deposit slips, bank transfer confirmation, and others).

F. Posting or forwarding of fraudulent announcements and any form of slander against MetamoRPh Review Specialists, Inc. in any platform.


Section 5: Refunds

1. Subscriptions cannot be cancelled once it has been fully completed and a refund will not be provided to the subscriber.

2. To ensure a slot, a minimum of Php 5,000 will be charged to the subscriber as a Reservation Fee. This amount will be deducted to the total review fee. The reservation fee or Php 5,000 or higher is non-refundable.

3. Prior to the start of the batch, specifically 3 days before, a confirmation message will be sent to the subscriber. Failure to respond to the confirmation message and paying the full amount a day before the chosen batch starts will result to the invalidation of slots and forfeiture of the enrollee’s reservation fee.

4. Cancelled subscriptions due to any of the violations listed in section 4 will not entitle the subscriber to any form of refund; moreover, the party found in violation will face charges based on the “Intellectual Property Rights of the Philippines”.

5. A subscriber can upgrade from a standard to a premium subscription upon request with MetamoRPh Review Specilists, Inc.


Section 6: Online Review

1. The ONLINE REVIEW consists of 2 Phases:

Phase 1: Intensive Phase

Phase 2: Self-directed Phase

2. In the Intensive, the subscriber will follow a schedule sent to them via their registered emails. The video lectures for each subject will be unlocked based on the given schedule. The completion of quizzes will be monitored and when requested, the results will be sent to the school head for evaluation purposes.

3. In the self-directed phase, the subscriber has the liberty to repeat all the video lectures, quizzes and exams.

4. A month before the board exams, the subscriber may access the Online Mock Board Exams and may repeat the exams as desired. The Mock Board Exams results will be monitored and when requested, the results will be sent to the school head for evaluation purposes.


Section 6: Onsite Review

1. MetamoRPh Review Specialist, Inc enrollees are entitled to use the facilities during class hours only. Loitering will not be allowed in the premises.

2. MetamoRPh Review Specialist, Inc will not provide refunds for down payments and full payment is required at the start of the program.

3. MetamoRPh Review Specialist, Inc will provide a safety precaution reminder at the start of the program, thus will not be held responsible for the loss of personal belongings or accidents within the premises.


Section 7: MetamoRPh Tutorials

The MetamoRPh tutorials will conduct the same program, same set of lecturers and review materials as presented. Once the IATF lifts all the quarantine protocols and allows onsite lectures, we will proceed with the program as presented. If during the months of October and November 2020, the IATF still prohibits onsite lectures, we are going to shift the review to an Online platform. In case of board exam cancellations, the schedule of the MetamoRPh Tutorials will be moved closer to the final board examination date.


Section 8: Data Privacy

The subscriber hereby authorizes MetamoRPh Review Specialist, Inc to collect and process the data indicated herein for the purpose of receiving updates about his/her online review. The subscriber understands that the personal information is protected by RA 10173, Data Privacy Act of 2012.



1. Links to other websites: Our website may contain links to third-party websites or services that are not owned or controlled by MetamoRPh Review Specialists, Inc.

MetamoRPh Review Specilists, Inc. has no control over, and assumes no responsibility for the content, privacy policies, or practices of any third party web sites or services.

2. Copyright:  No part of any MetamoRPh Review Specialists, Inc review material, either hard or electronic copy, may be reproduced by any form or by any means, including but not limited to photocopying, photographing, recording and storing information on digital storage and retrieval systems, without a written permission from MetamoRPh Review Specialists, Inc.

3. Voluntary enrollment/subscription: Enrollment or subscription to any of the programs is done by the enrollee or subscriber voluntarily and was not imposed by authorities such as deans, faculty members, or school administrators.


*updates on MetamoRPh T&C are italicized.

*updated August 22, 2020