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Butterfly + Book

This is a symbol that through perseverance, dedication and innovation you will transform into your ultimate form.

Through this process of metamorphosis, you will learn to be competent, responsible and professional leaders, wherever your wings may bring you.


To produce not only competent, responsible and professional pharmacists but also leaders of the health care industry imbued with compassion and empathy for serving the Filipino people.


To be the leading provider of quality and excellent professional pharmacy and pharmacy related educationa, review and tutorial services in the Philippines.

To be the leader in innovations by providing world class online review services to enhance the professional development of our Filipino Pharmacists.

"The MetamoRPh Senior Lecturers at work."

We are MetamoRPh

On July 2020, MetamoRPh Review Specialist, Inc. launched the very first Online Review App for the Pharmacist Licensure Examinations in the Philippines. Though it has just started, most of the lecturers have been teaching in Universities and Review Centers for a decade or even more. Combining passion with experience, the founders and lecturers of MetamoRPh Review Specialist, Inc. promise to provide nothing but excellence in the field of Pharmacy Board Exam Review.