Jan Karlo T. Ecalne, RPh, MSc, CPh

Favorite Quote: "While it is always best to believe in oneself, a little help from others can be a great blessing"

-Iroh (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

          Sir Karlo to his co-faculty colleagues and Sir Ecalne to his students, Jan Karlo Ecalne completed his BS in Pharmacy at Centro Escolar University as Cum Laude. He also finished his Master of Science in Pharmacy (Bene Meritus) at Adamson University, Manila City, and ranked first in the UST certificate course in Pharmacotherapy last 2017. Sir Karlo is currently attending the University of Santo Thomas for his Doctor of Pharmacy degree.
          Sir Karlo has almost 5 years of experience in the field of academe, both as a faculty member and review lecturer. Known for his concise explanations of difficult subjects like Physical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical dosage forms, he makes the complex world of Pharmacy more understandable and fun to learn.
          To many, Sir Karlo is a man of encouragement. Aside form sharing his expertise regarding the subject matter, he likes to give empowering words to his students... One of his favorite quotes that he likes to share with his students is "When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change." - Avatar Ang
          Without a doubt, Sir Karlo is one of the most inspiring lecturers. Not only because his way of teaching makes you want to study the subject, but also because he educates us to believe in ourselves and unleash our full capability. An I think that's the most important thing. Truly one of a kind.
Florence Claire Marcelo, RPh

Favorite Quote: "Seize the day! Put a little trust in the future."

          Fondly referred to as Miss Claire or Ma'am Claire during her exciting and fun-filled classes, Florence Claire Marcelo earned her degree in Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy at the University of San Agustin in Iloilo City. She then took the Pharmacy Licensure Exam of the Philippines, finishing it with an impressive average of 90.78%. Armed with perseverance and dedication to the profession, she plans to take her Master's Degree in Pharmacy in the next few years.
          Her passion and enthusiasm are evident in her classes. She cares for the student's learning and can easily explain complex topics though simplified terms. Her welcoming attitude makes students feel comfortable to ask her questions and clarifications. Ever since her college days, she would conduct review sessions with her classmates before their major exams. For the past three years, she has been teaching, inspiring and motivating pharmacy students to be the best they can be.
          An Ilongga by blood and character, Ma'am Claire is sweet and charming in class. You can relate to her as she is not only young at heart but also you young at age. Be sure to keep an ear out for the life lessons that she embends in her classes. It is her sincere hope that all students in her class would become excellent individuals not only as pharmacists but also as citizens of this world.
Melissa O. Mendoza, RPh, BSCPS

Favorite Quote: "He who has a 'why' to live for can live with any 'how'."

-Friedrich Nietzsche

          Melissa Mendoza, or Ma'am Mel (as her students like to call her), talks about phytochemical and biochemical reactions with ease. Her witty mnemonics and funny anecdotes keep the supposedly boring subjects alive! Behind this air of confidence, however, is almost two decades of struggles, failures and challenges.
          With little money to get her through college, she depended on academic scholarships to survive. That's when she learned that hard work, not luck, will bring success to any endeavor.
          2008 was a very fruitful year for Ma'am Mel. She received two distinctions during this year--graduating as Cum Laude and securing a spot in the roster of top-notchers for the Licensure Examinations for Pharmacists!
          After working in a hospital for sometime, she realized that she was not satisfied be being in one place and dealing with the same people everyday. She found fulfillment in helping and teaching students all over the Philippines. Students in various universities and review centers have benefited from her passion to assist and mentor them.
          She will give you a litany of words when asked how she manages to remain afloat. But she continues to live by these principles: Be generous. Don't stop learning. Speak clearly from the heart. And her favorite, always prepare a victory speech even though you're on the losing end.
Jenna Lee Q. Valencia, RPh, BSCPS, MS Pharm

Favorite Quote: "Don't let the muggles get you down."

-Ronald Bilius "Ron" Weasley 

(Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban)

          Jenna Lee Q. Valencia, or Ma'am Jenna to her students, is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy at Saint Louis University, Baguio City. She also finished her BS in Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences at University of San Carlos, Cebu City. She then went back to Saint Louis University, where she successfully finished her Master's Degree in Pharmacy (Cum Laude)-- all the while teaching undergraduate classes!
          Ma'am Jenna also has an impressive teaching experience under belt-- over 11 years of educating students in both undergraduate and review courses.
          As an educator, Ma'am Jenna is one of the bubbliest and most cheerful lecturers you will ever meet. Her jokes and usually corny and meh, but its actually her laughter that's infectious! She injects fun in her lectures-- making even serious topics like microbiology-- entertaining and interesting to learn.
          Speaking of which, Ma'am Jenna loves to teach Microbiology. So much so that she has made it her goal to turn Module 6 into your favorite review module.